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Privacy Policy

Privacy Terms

– The Company’s Privacy Policy does not apply to any information or the data you share with other users. To know more about the privacy policies of the company refer to their privacy policy listed on the company website.

Governing Law

– All disputes, disagreements, or concerns that arise from the services or related to the use of the services, the application, construction, or interpretation of the terms of use can be solved with a cordial approach.

– When no amicable settlement is used within the mentioned period, the issue, concern, or dispute shall be considered for arbitration according to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act.

Indemnity and Release

– Users shall recompense the company, affiliated company, subsidiary, employees, officers, etc; and can hold themselves harmless against any claims and expenses, which also includes the legal fees that occur from the use of the services.

– Users shall also act to release the company, subsidiaries, related companies, employees, and officers from any demand, obligations, claims, actual or consequential damages, expenses, etc.

Modification of Services

– The company shall undertake the right at any time or from time to time to discontinue, modify or alter the services provided temporarily and permanently, whole or partially, with or without notice.

– The company shall not be held liable to any user for the modifications, discontinuity, or suspension of the services offered to the user.

Violation of Terms of Use

– Violation of the terms of use or the related rights of the company gives power to the company to pursue all or any legal and equitable remedies held against the user held responsible.

– Failure of the company to enforce the rights or provisions mentioned in these terms of use will not create a waiver of such provisions or rights or any other related provisions that appear in the terms of use.

– If a court judges or decides or considers that certain rights or the provisions in the terms of use are invalid and incorrect, the remainder of the terms shall stay enforceable to the extent as per the law that the court shall give. Effect to the intention of the parties which reflects in any such provision or right that has been declared incorrect, invalid, or unenforceable.